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Jump to new posts Re: My Senior League wants to change Houses by mmalsed @ 02/14/18 12:17 PM

I get tired of the whole "the single biggest thing that's killing bowling" deal. There is no single biggest thing. If technology was the single biggest thing killing the game, then why is Golf growing or at least staying even? Club tech
Leagues & Sport Bowling
Jump to new posts Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2017-18 thread by IronMike @ 02/14/18 09:40 AM

Another average night of bowling for me. 209-227-215 for a 651 series. First game was a bit of a let down, I started with 9/ then strikes through the 6th. I'm thinking about another big score. Proceed to wrap a 10 and whiff it in the 7th, left a
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Jump to new posts Re: My Senior League wants to change Houses by 82Boat69 @ 02/14/18 05:23 AM

I don't live on the coast. I'm on the outskirts of Sacramento and it's just as bad. Whenever I visit SFO, it's like visiting a foreign country :-) This state's legislature passes 2000 new laws each year whether we need them or not. Despite their
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Jump to new posts Re: My Senior League wants to change Houses by Dennis Michael @ 02/14/18 04:29 AM

Boat, a Conservative from California?? Talk about an anomaly!! I thought the Coasts were solidly blue States. Well, the Yuppies are gone and the Millennials are here. There is no longer flowers in hair and a walk man, but, ear plugs and cell phon
The Bowler's Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: 12 pound ball? by djp1080 @ 02/13/18 05:56 PM

Most bowling balls have similar specifications for weights between 16 and 14 lbs. When you get below that, most bowling ball companies offer a generic weight block plus filler for lower weight balls. Also, I don't think there are many companies that
Physical/Mental Game & Lane Conditions
Jump to new posts Re: tennis elbow by SteveH @ 02/13/18 05:23 PM

Mine was not from bowling. The only thing that worked on it was acupuncture, followed by home use of ice, and a Tens unit.
Physical/Mental Game & Lane Conditions
Jump to new posts Re: tennis elbow by Mkirchie @ 02/13/18 04:39 PM

I can't give any advice about how to necessarily help relieve the pain beyond rest, dropping ball weight as mentioned in your other post, and whatever the doctor says. However, from the bowling side of things, you should check the fit of your ball.
Physical/Mental Game & Lane Conditions
Jump to new posts tennis elbow by bpbowler @ 02/13/18 03:54 PM

I have developed tennis elbow. Likely from bowling given the repetitive stress. The doctor didn't really offer much in advice from the typical ice, inflammatory meds and stretching. I suppose PT would be the next step. I have started using Castor Oil
The Bowler's Lounge
Jump to new posts 12 pound ball? by bpbowler @ 02/13/18 02:40 PM

I have been using a 14 pound ball but have now developed tennis elbow. I have also struggled with wrist pain but it is mild. I have decided to drop down to a 12 pound ball, as I want to stay in the game. I realize that dropping to 12 will also very l
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Jump to new posts Re: My Senior League wants to change Houses by 82Boat69 @ 02/13/18 02:32 PM

My comment wasn't teacher specific, only that many of my friends became teachers/professors and never bowled again. I bowl in a senior scratch league with 22 trios teams. If there are any liberals in that league, they're in the closet :-)
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